Joachim Devillé (born 1978, Halle Belgium) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

Holds a Masters Degree in Painting and holds a Specific Teachers Degree in Arts.
Is currently guestprofessor Drawing at LUCA School of Arts Ghent since 2016.
His work is included in private and public collections in Belgium.

In the last 3650 days Joachim Devillé has mainly worked with charcoal. With drawing as a full-fledged medium he works on a desolate, dark and surprising discourse, in which empty, deserted architectural environments (empty luxury real estate, offices, industrial buildings) and landscapes occupy a prominent role. They are the tale of a disrupted society, in which the illusions of the unattainable ideals, nowadays mainly luxuriantly reflected in social media, are questioned cold-bloodedly.

This manifests itself on the one hand in charcoal drawings on paper and canvas, on the other hand in large wall drawings, usually of a temporary nature. The location-related wall drawings previously resulted in monumental works. They function as a snapshot of the architectural space in which these drawings were made. They intend to make the viewer aware of their physical presence in relation to the space in which it is located, of the perishability and temporality of the body, the "being" of both the architectural space and the spectator himself.

The earlier described questioning of the unattainable ideals versus the economic reality on the one hand, and the doubling of time and space on the other, are aspects that Joachim Devillé further developed into an absurd, utopian archeology. In these works he not only limits himself to drawings, but also extends the field to installations with sculptures, paintings, collages, posters, ready-mades and texts. Writing these texts led to location-related lecture performances for Art and Speculative Futures (University of Barcelona, and Centra de Cultura Contemporania Barcelona, 2016) and Nichego Ni (CRAC, Centre de Recherche de l’Art Contemporain, Brussels 2018).

He investigates the current social mechanisms that form the ingredients of an illusory spirit of the times, in stark contrast to the physical and socio-economic reality and happiness experience. In this way he creates a universe in which these social structures are unraveled layer by layer.

Joachim Devillé participated in group exhibitions in Europe such as Art and Speculative Futures (CCCB, Barcelona), A Touch of Character (Loopart, London), Prix Canson (Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux Arts, Paris), Belgian P(art) (de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam), Need and Error (ATP Gallery London), and S.R.N.D.P.T. (Tetem Artspace, Enschede, The Netherlands); 
as well in Belgium such as Hommage (BOZAR Brussels), Visionary History (University of Leuven), Group Exhibition (Yugen Ghent), A Belgian Politician (Marion de Canniere Artspace, Antwerp), D.Art (Mechelen), Manifesta 09 satelite show (St-Jansschool Genk), Arture #6 (Pastorie Herzele), 10 Years KVDM (Zebra Street Ghent),  A Silent Dimension (University of Leuven), Paradise (City Library of Leuven), and many others.
He created solo and duo exhibitions in Belgium and Europe such as Intervention 4.O.G (Rathaus Charlottenburg, Berlin), Deux Artistes Belges (Matrix Art Project, Paris), Inside Emptiness (Tentoon, ’s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands), Nichego Ni (CRAC Brussels), Goldberg Series ( University of Antwerp), Nothing Comes to Mind (LUCA Library Brussels), _Poem for a white chair and a black cat (Private Room Ghent), Snapshots and Minutes of Atomic Degrees (Mommen Brussels) and Une Absence en Appel (Hasselt).

Selection of Exhibitions, Projects and Performances 2007-2018


CRAC 2078,
Centre de Réflection de l'Art Contemporain Brussels - solo
Snapshots, Salon Mommen Brussels - solo 

Paradise, Tweebronnen, City Library of Leuven 

Arture #06,
curated by Sven Vanderstichelen, Pastorie Herzele
Visionary History,
curated by Filip Luyckx, Faculty of Law, University of Leuven

Matt Watts,
vinyl record cover artwork 


Goldberg Series, University of Antwerp – solo
Nothing comes to Mind, LUCA Sint-Lukas Library, Brussels – solo

Art and Speculative Futures, Centre de Cultura Contemporana de Barcelona (E)

Hommage, curated by Vincent Geyskens, Anouk De Clerck & Sophie Lauwers, BOZAR, Brussels
Artist Trading Cards Brussels, curated by Joachim Devillé & Barry Camps, Brussels 
10 years KVDM, Zebrastraat, Ghent

Nadar Ensemble, vinyl record cover design & artwork


_poem for a white chair and a black cat, Private Room, Ghent – solo
Minutes of Atomic degrees, Salon Mommen Brussels (B)- duo with Roberta Gigante

Need and Error, APT Gallery, London (UK) 

De Stille Dimensie, curated by Filip Luyckx, Library of the Faculty of Law , Leuven
Ronse Drawing Prize, Ronse
Artenova, D.Art, Mechelen 
A Belgian Politician, curated by Tom Liekens and Lieven Segers, Marion de Canniere Artspace, Antwerp

Goldberg / Une Absence en Appel, Hasselt - solo
Transformations: site-specific walldrawings, De Hoorn, Leuven - solo

S.R.N.D.P.T., TETEM kunstruimte, Enschede (NL)

Surveying, Rewind, Brussels
Series, Caps, Antwerp

Joachim Devillé, Zebrastraat Ghent – solo

Inside Emptiness, Tentoon, 's Hertogenbosch (NL) - duo

A Touch of Character, Loopart Deptford, London (UK)
Prix Canson, Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux Arts, Paris (F)

Not a Straight Line, Fabriekstraat, Brussels
D.Art, Cultuur Centrum / Mahla / OLV 48-50, Mechelen
Fake Fair, Rewind, Brussels

Manifesta 09 Satellite Show, St-Jansschool Genk
Belgian Emerging Artists, USA Embassy for NATO, Brussels

Grote prijs Actuele Tekenkunst, Cultureel Centrum Ronse
Art on Paper, Contemporary Drawing Fair, Brussels

Open Studio, Renold, Brussels - solo

Belgian P(art), de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)
Drawing Connections, Art Institute, Siena (IT)

The Draughtsman’s Contract, Cypres Galerie, Leuven

The Whole Nine Yards, Actionfields Gallery, Brussels
Orde-Chaos, Klein Begijnhof, Mechelen
Almost Famous Portraits, Maison du Hainaut, Charleroi
Déjeuner sur Sable (Blanc), Vierkante Zaal, St-Niklaas

Joachim Devillé, drawing performance with music performed by Nadar, Brussels
Black Mass, animationfilm with music performed by Nadar, CC Kortrijk (B) / CC Sint-Niklaas

Talent in Beweging, Glaspaleis, Heerlen (NL)

Rural Encounters, Actionfields Gallery, Brussels
M’as-Tu Vu?, BELvue Museum, Brussels
Construction Site, Actionfields Gallery, Brussels

Joachim Devillé: Black Mass, animationfilm with music performed by reFLEXible, within the scope of Double Booking / Kunstweek Gent, Zebrastraat, Ghent / within the scope of the group show Talent in Beweging, Glaspaleis, Heerlen (NL) / De Markten, Brussels / within the scope of the group show M’as-tu vu / Nuit Blanche, BELvue Museum,Brussels
Entartung: Black Mass, animationfilm with music performed by Nadar, Logos Foundation, Ghent

Joachim Devillé: drawings and paintings, Cypres Gallery, Leuven - solo
Joachim Devillé, drawings and paintings, Q-o2, Brussels – solo

50/25, Cypres Gallery, Leuven

Joachim Devillé: One By One, video and performance with dance by Kayoko Minami and Barbara Pereira and music performed by reFLEXible, Sint-Lukas Hogeschool, Brussels

Masters Schilderkunst / Masters Degree Painting
Sint-Lukas Hogeschool, Brussel, 1998-2002

Post-Master Specific Teachers Program for the Arts
LUCA School of Arts, Ghent, 2015-2017