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Vitrine #62 – Joachim Devillé - “Nothing comes to Mind” 
07-27 januari 2016
LUCA School of Arts Sint-Lukas Bibliotheek

Paleizenstraat 70, 1030 Brussel

Maandag-donderdag 09-19u / vrijdag 09-17u

For this 62nd Vitrine exhibition, Joachim Devillé has created fictitious archive exhibition situated in the future and based on fictional events: the last Vitrine exhibition, the subsequent closure of the arts college in 2049, its reopening in 2075, and the relaunch of the Vitrine exhibition series by means of an archive exhibition held in 2078.

This imaginary exhibition explores a utopian archaeology that shows how specific micro-structures in our society and the artist in question may deteriorate over time.

It is an absurd, yet critical view of the future of certain events, locations, and the artist as a self-driven, mythologized, and hyper-unique individual.

In the wake of the exhibition, Joachim Devillé has brought out a poster in a limited edition of 50 numbered and signed copies. 

Vitrine #500 – 13-31 januari 2078

“Nothing comes to Mind: the case of remains after Vitrine #499, June 10-30, 2049”

During the first half of the 21st century, Michel Kolenberg, a librarian at the Brussels LUCA School of Arts at the time, organized the legendary series of exhibitions titled Vitrine #. No fewer than 499 artists were given the opportunity to exhibit their work in the display case near the library entrance. The irrevocable closure of the arts college in 2049 led to the immediate discontinuation of the exhibition series.

Until its official reopening in 2075, the school building remained without purpose for decades and soon became a squat for refugees and homeless artists. During this period, the school and its library became subject to vandalism and were basically stripped of their contents.

After the Global Black Out of the ‘internet’ at the time in 2069, the entire digital archives of the school and library were erased, which meant the loss of the entire history of the school, its library, and the Vitrine exhibition series.

Assisted by the Sint-Lukas Archief, which was resurrected in 2076, we have been able to look for any remaining clues. One of these led us to the recently disappeared artist Joachim Devillé. This yet unknown character almost certainly found accommodation as a homeless artist in the school building soon after its closure in 2049. During his stay here, he made an unspecified number of drawings of the building and the library itself.

Based on these drawings, we can be fairly sure that the last Vitrine exhibition may be attributed to the artists’ collective Anonymous Bastards. The slogan ‘Nothing comes to Mind’ had been applied to the library entrance hall in their characteristic no-nonsense style. Joachim Devillé also drew the wrecked display case with in it a sculpture left behind. This artistic intervention may safely be attributed to Anonymous Bastards, notorious for their ‘vandal art’.

The final proof came via the family of an anonymous poster collector: a seriously damaged, but very rare copy of the last exhibition poster, Vitrine #499, also announces the Anonymous Bastards. This showpiece of our archive exhibition, the abandoned drawings by Joachim Devillé, and a small number of precious objects shed invaluable light on a period of darkness.

With this 500th edition of Vitrine we would like to continue the tradition. At the end of this academic year 2077-78 wel shall be looking for the traces of exhibitions forgotten and presumed lost, in order to return the display case to whom it belongs: to the artists of today.


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