Thursday, 2 July 2015


A Gigue for Hatra
Site-specific painting-sculpture installation
Mixed media (cardboard, plaster, wood, sand, spraypaint,...)
Variable dimensions (here: space: W430cm x D750cm / wall: H240cm x W1050cm) 
Installation view at Artenova D.Art Mechelen 2015

This site-specific painting-sculpture instillation is based on the archeological temple city Hatra In Iraq. Currently occupied and partly destroyed by Islamic State, this city, once a touristic hub, is part of one of the most important world heritage sites. 

Based on the idea as a touristic 3d-postcard, the installation shows a destroyed temple statue in his state of a future, imaginary renovation phase.  

Brutal fluo- spraypaintmarks and calculations as used in building and street renovations are in contrast with the fragility of ancient architecture, and therefore used here in an absurd and disrespectfull way. 

This large installation, with a spraypainted wall reffering to a tropical sky, and about 10 different sculpteres, is a continuation of the in depth-research of the anatomy of architecture, rather than the representation as such of architectural spaces and locations. 

It is an attempt to provide an answer to the question how to reflect about architecture as a domain of construction, shelter, desolation, demolition, and the renovation process as a phase for a new destination in the architectural process.

It is also an attemt to provide an answer how to deal with painting and three-dimensional objects in relation with the practise of nearly 10 years creating black and white drawings. Nevertheless, the arising questions about architecture and her related social, economical and cultural issues are continued to be investigated.

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